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Lake Tahoe red sunset


Lake Tahoe California during Summer, at sunset with red skies.

It's rare that you get bright vibrant sunsets for very long in Lake Tahoe, and when you do they only last a few minutes. This red sunset happened after I had already shot a blue-sky sunset turning brilliant orange and red for only a few moments before sundown.

This shot is available in both letter boxed standard aspect ratios and as a wide angle panorama print. Selecting either of the options from the drop down menu will automatically select letterboxing for a standard print ratio, or the cropped version (see additional photo) for the panorama.
Panorama version is 12in by 36in

Print comes on heavy photo paper with a metallic finish for enhanced depth and rich, vibrant finish.

Other options include:
Canvas - Heavy canvas print stretched on a wooden frame.
Metal - Frameless metal print. Ink infused directly onto metal surface. Waterproof and scratch resistant.
Acrylic - Vibrant frameless print on acrylic for a contemporary look. My personal favorite