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Bonsai Rock Pano at dusk


The famous Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Shot at dusk on a summer night. This image was intended as a panorama but is available in a letterboxed standard ratio, too

This shot is available in both letter boxed standard aspect ratios and as a wide angle panorama print. Selecting either of the options from the drop down menu will automatically select letterboxing for a standard print ratio, or the cropped version (see additional photo) for the panorama.
Panorama version is 12in by 36in

Print comes on heavy photo paper with a metallic finish for enhanced depth and rich, vibrant finish.

Other options include:
Canvas - Heavy canvas print stretched on a wooden frame.
Metal - Frameless metal print. Ink infused directly onto metal surface. Waterproof and scratch resistant.
Acrylic - Vibrant frameless print on acrylic for a contemporary look. My personal favorite